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A dialogue that transcends time and space, friendships from the past—Read Gulistan’s paintings

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

Wu Bo

Film and television producer

Memory of the portrait-A piece of golden

As a film and television producer, I have participated in many art exhibitions, and I often draw lessons from painting to create, but I have to say, Gulistan’s paintings give me a unique feeling – she paints like herself, giving people a pure and elegant, gentle and jade-like feeling, as well as a mysterious and profound sense of time and space.

The art of painting, like the art of film, reflects the artist’s observation and expression: Gulistan’s works mainly focus on “time, space, memory” as the theme: Time and space are the basis of life and material existence, memory is the basis for the continuation and development of human thinking and civilization.

One of the charms of art is that you read it and examine yourself. We appreciate works of art, and the greatest benefits are nothing more than two points: One is to bring pure aesthetic enjoyment, and the other is to trigger some kind of imagination and thinking. Gulistan’s work is unique in that her work seems to have a mind-opening magic, it can always give us a kind of philosophical, life self-examination-style imagination and thinking, even the ultimate thinking; it is like a dialogue beyond time and space, and it is like a past friendship remembered by time; In other words, everyone who yearns for spiritual freedom, longs to explore and think about the essentials of life, but has experienced the vicissitudes of life, can find the common frequency of heart and spirit in her works.

Looking at her paintings, it seems to open the door of time and space memory at once, you can see the imprint of the sky and the years, and sometimes you seem to see yourself, her paintings are the textures and colors branded on the canvas after time, space and memory have accumulated over the years, let us see more than just a simple painting, it also contains a kind of thinking about the past, present, future, as well as the meaning of life and existence. It is a picture scroll of thought wearing a flower dress of time and dancing under the rhythm of music; However, her work is just the right way to open and share this kind of thinking, but it never gives people a sense of oppression that is subjectively and spiritually instilled – This is a shackle that is difficult for an artist to escape – And this is precisely what makes Gulistan’s works brilliant and invaluable. And all of this, if the artist does not have a sense of reverence for life and all things, and a devotion to the pure beauty of the spirit, it is impossible to do it.

Maybe, we can temporarily forget about time, or occasionally not think about the meaning of existence, but it is hard to forget the Naples yellow and the light and heavy metaphorical line strokes and unique composition in Gulistan’s paintings, as well as the splendor and splendor contained in the image, under the interlacing of time and space and memory!


Saturday, June 11th, 2022









Gulistan and the beauty of her creations in my eyes

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

Catherine Yin

Founder of Sunlay, Former General Manager of China Yintai Group Technical Service Center, General Manager of Beijing Yintai Center, Vice President of Metro land corporation LTD, Vice President of Yintai Land Group

My dream is a garden III

I’m not a professional art collector, and the artwork I like has my own very personal thoughts.

Gulistan and I have known each other many years ago, we are basically contemporaries, just like a fellow traveler in one direction, she and her work are there, and even though we don’t see each other often, it feels like she’s always on the same frequency as me… In retrospect, I like Gulistan’s work for three main reasons:

First of all, Gulistan’s work is very much in line with my aesthetic preference. Because every artist has a very specific intention and her own way of expression when creating, but often the viewer may not know the story behind it at first glance, so I collect it because I really like it, have a fate,

able to be impressed. There are no works that I resonate with or dislike, no matter how good others say it, how to enter the market, appreciate, etc., I will not collect it. The biggest difference between art and commodities is that we have different values for it;

The second is that the work should seem to be related to me, something that resonates with me in my past memory or that I would be comfortable with in my space. It’s wonderful, this artwork will be integrated into my life and become a part of my life… Collections are not necessarily famous, expensive, or to show how artistic the collector is… Collections are often related to your subconscious love, perhaps childhood memories, perhaps a book you liked during your school days, or a trip to leave a good memory… When we are old, we will forget, but as the saying goes, seeing things and remembering people, collections can evoke our memories; And when the collection is a beautiful and story art piece, the traces of our lives will naturally continue in the lives of the next generation. This is one of the meanings of inheritance.

Memory of the portrait - Self-gaze

Third, anything that can be called art, I think the most important thing is that it is intriguing and can stand the precipitation of time, like a good wine. I pay more attention to whether an artist spends whole life in creating, in the long river of time, has always pursued art with wholehearted love, and as time goes by, this love is getting deeper and stronger!

Gulistan herself and her work are such a presence.

Gulistan herself and her work reflect our generation’s family background in urban education, basic understanding of truth, goodness and beauty in ancient and modern China and abroad. This kind of beauty has historical inheritance, traces of human civilization, and we have seen it in reading or traveling, This kind of beauty has historical inheritance, traces of human civilization, and we have seen it in reading or traveling, so Gulistan’s works for us have a kind of beauty that seems to have known each other, and a nostalgia for our old friends in other places… This kind of memory that has deeply touched you, faded but lingering, seems to embrace you through Gulistan’s work and through time and space.

In fact, it is difficult to express this kind of emotion through painting, because it is too complicated and very strong, and it is not clear. It may be easier to express it through music… But Gulistan’s work does it! She has found a special painting language that belongs to her. It is very unique. It seems simple, hazy and light, but it is fully and thickly expressed. There is a feeling of light weight, which can directly hit the depths of your memory and soul…

Her paintings are like wine, simple in appearance, yet mellow and aftertaste in the mouth… Looking at her paintings, you feel warm at first, then you will stop to watch and talk to it, and you will even cry silently over time…

Memory of the portrait- Blue II

Many people like to categorize artists, perhaps for easier systematic memory for later learners. I have been canceling a lot of trips due to COVID-19 some time ago, and there are Chagall and Gaetano Pechet exhibitions in two art galleries near where I work, and these happens to be the time period for Gulistan’s exhibition “Temperature of Time” in 2022, these three Chinese and foreign, young and old artists are all I find difficult to categorize! Romanticism, Impressionism, Abstraction, Surrealism… They are related to many definitions but are not consistent, instead, it has a stronger personal style and unique artistic charm. I hope that Gulistan will continue to move forward with her painting language and communicate with the world. One day she will become one of the most influential Chinese artists in the world.

I spent my college days in the Department of Architecture of Tsinghua University, and later I also engaged in the design industry for many years. Architectural design is a subject between rationality and sensibility, technology and art. I use my own creative experience to feel Gulistan’s paintings, I think the most attractive thing about art compared with technology is that every audience sees and understands the same painting differently, unlike mathematics, which has formulas and conclusions… Different people have different interpretations of the same painting by Gulistan, and are broken down in front of different paintings… This is exactly how Gulistan likes to communicate, she likes to listen to each audience’s feedback and their interpretation, and consciously amplify the peculiar effect of this communication again, so there are many interesting people from different industries, different nationalities, different genders, and different circles gathered around her, which is also one of the unique charms of her work.

At the same time, because the image is the artist’s own memory, understanding and perception of life, the painting itself can be called a self-portrait of the author in disguise. Gulistan herself is quiet and introverted, beautiful and kind, gentle and delicate, rich in experience, and has a solid artistic foundation, her paintings are just like her! When we see Gulistan’s painting, even if only briefly hurried past it, when we see Gulistan’s paintings, even briefly passing by the images, there will be Just a quick glance but it left a deep impression, a glance like a thousand years.

From her paintings, we can feel awe, sadness and sympathy, wishes, gaze, nostalgia, longing for hometown, family affection… Her paintings are subtle and gentle like songs, and she loves the exquisite remains in human history, Her paintings are subtle and gentle like songs, she loves the exquisite relics in human history, capturing the unforgettable beauty in memory and the emotion and spirit behind them, Gulistan has nurtured her unique painting language through years of dedicated and professional thinking and practice… So she often said that every painting is like one of her children! Maybe it’s easier for me as a woman to understand the meaning of this sentence…

Memory of portrait- The Age of Innocence I

I am very fortunate to be able to collect one of Gulistan’s important works in the “Color of Time” exhibition at the National Art Museum of China “Memory of portrait- The Age of Innocence I”, I don’t know why but it reminds me of pictures of me and my younger brother when we were young, of our parents who loved us, we used to live in a poor and happy intellectual family full of love, the joy and tranquility of childhood are full of sunshine and details like the colors in the picture…

Thanks Gulistan! Thanks for the company of this painting in the future! The memory of love will live with us…


Saturday, June 11th, 2022











古丽老师本人和她的作品反应了我们这一代在都市教育背景的家庭出身的人,对古今中外真善美的基本认知。这种美是有历史传承的、有人类文明痕迹的、我们在读书或者旅行中曾经见过的,所以古丽老师的作品对我们来说 里面有一种似曾相识的美好、有一种对昔日他乡故友的怀恋……这种曾经深深打动过你的记忆,虽然褪色但挥之不去,好像透过古丽老师作品、穿越时空来拥抱你。











Interpret – “Posture-Puppet”

Saturday, June 11th, 2022




This is one of my favorite paintings. Shadow puppetry, as a very symbolic element, represents the illusory and imaginary part of our life. With the combination of horses, it has the charm of the Oriental Don Quixote’s bravado. The table is a very life scene objects. It is real and has a sense of existence, you can even feels its weight. The combination of the two in the same image produces some interesting chemical reactions, in a one-dimensional space to create a sense of sight in a three-dimensional space, it is real and illusory, and even somewhat ironic and absurd. Just like our daily life, that is, with the trivialities and bits and pieces of real firewood, rice, oil and salt, there are also poems and distant places, as well as the illusory meanings that we subjectively fabricated. Of course, life itself has absurd drama. Gulistan is a poetic observer of life. She always examines her surroundings with romantic personal feelings, which is reflected in her paintings, combining elements that ordinary people don’t notice very much, constructed her unique perspective of observation, which arouses the viewers into deep thinking, and also attracts the viewers to peep into the world in her eyes with curiosity.

解读《姿态系列 – 中国玩偶》

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

Victoria 冒曼

世纪东耀影视 CEO、制作人


这是我非常喜欢的一张画,皮影戏作为一个很符号化的元素,代表我们生活中虚幻和想象的部分,加上马的组合,很有些东方堂吉柯德虚张声势的韵味。桌子是一个非常生活场景化的物件,实在,有存在感,你甚至能感受到他的重量。这两 者组合在同一画面,产生了一些很有意思的化学反应,在一个一维空间捏造出三维空间的即视感,即真实又虚幻,甚至有些反讽和荒诞。正如我们每天的生活,即有着真实柴米油盐的琐碎不堪和鸡零狗碎,也同时存在着诗和远方,以及我们主观捏造出来的虚幻意义,当然生活本身就具有荒诞的戏剧性。古丽是一个具有诗性的生活观察者,她总是带着浪漫的个人情怀去审视周遭,并在她的画作中体现,把常人不太会觉察到的元素组合在一起,构建了她的独特观察视角,引发观者陷入深深的思考,也吸引观者带着好奇去窥探她眼中的世界。

Review article

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

Liu Yuguang

Architect, “Re Corbusier” Event initiator

Memory of the portrait – Tribute to the classics

There is a sense of distance in viewing Gulistan’s paintings. This distance is reflected in time. The classical and romantic expressions of the characters in the paintings show a kind of alienation from the restless mentality of the contemporary people. This distance is manifested in space, a continental civilization that is far from the Pacific and Atlantic. This distance is reflected in the palette, where bright yellow and blue collide directly… Looking at these paintings makes me curious, I feel that the artist is in the picture, whether it is a figure, a flower, or a chair, it is the artist herself, she is waiting quietly in the sun. It is this sense of distance that produces a unique sense of beauty, In the quiet and restrained appearance, beating with the vitality of life.

As an architect, judging from my professional instinct, this distance can be measured. With this clear dimension of time and space, the audience enters into Gulistan’s paintings according to their own feelings and understandings, explores, confirms, and completes those blank images, which seem to be faded memories.

Gulistan’s paintings can present her own rich inner world, giving people a sense of depth and tranquility. Her cross-cultural, cross-regional, and cross-artistic vision can always inject the warmth of sunshine into people’s hearts and make people perceive the beauty of life.


Saturday, June 11th, 2022







Infuse your heart, feel with the soul: She pushed open my window

Saturday, June 11th, 2022

Han Jiatian

Composer, Writer, Music Educator, Host of “Music Life”, Producer

Fairy garden IV

By chance, I met artist Gulistan at an exhibition at the National Art Museum of China. Like her own, her paintings are full of affinity, exuding peace and authenticity.

As a painter, nothing is more important than authentic expression. Because under the “real” brush, there will be works infused with heart.

In her paintings, even a flower and a leaf all reveal spiritual energy. It’s a brushstroke without pretentiousness, a sway without pretense. It’s the wisdom behind simplicity, naivety, and seemingly simple. All this makes me feel energetic life.

Since the advent of the camera in the early nineteenth century, people have had a new understanding of the nature of painting. Painting is no longer just an art that follows natural representations, or simulates a “mirror image” of reality. It will bring people more imagination space, even if it is a surreal, subjective world.

Gulistan’s work is her “existence”, but also belongs to the viewer. What she gives us is the opportunity to explore ourselves again and again, so that the people who stop there seem to touch a window inadvertently. After opening it, they will find that there is a world of their own.

A great artist goes deep into the space and incorporates her own spirit and breath into the work. Because it’s real, it’s alive, it’s life that infuses the heart with inspiration. So every time a piece of work is created, it no longer belongs to anyone. It travels in time, bringing warmth, breath, and charm to those who are destined to meet.

It was also that encounter that gave me the privilege of being in the time and space of Gulistan’s art and glimpsed the traces left by the pure soul across the sky.

Looking forward to meeting you, thanks for meeting!


Saturday, June 11th, 2022








Gulistan古丽斯坦的作品是她的“存在”,同时也属于观赏者的。她给予我们的是一次次探索自己的机会,让驻足的人们,像是不经意间触碰到了一扇窗,推开后会发现,那里竟然有着自己的世界 。