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Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Wang Keju

Professor of Renmin University of China

I think Gulistan’s paintings are very similar to her character. That kind of softness, subtlety, and that kind of gentle feeling, but there is a kind of pursuit of the essence of art in her gentleness.

Memory of the portrait -Former glory I

Looking at her paintings, I feel that she is very rich, that is, she is exploring different languages, which actually breaks our normal visual experience. For example, in some places she can draw very general and concise, but in some places she draws very fully, then she forms a kind of visual dislocation, which gives you the feeling of something you have never seen before, a kind of fresh a visual stimulus. So she has been exploring the expressive power of some painting languages. After I came here to see her paintings, I felt quite rewarding, she inspired me a lot. Because she raised a lot of new questions from different perspectives, I think the subjects she expresses are also common subjects, for example, sometimes it is a portrait. In fact, there are many portraits in traditional paintings. But on her side, she gave some new interpretations, which I think is a kind of enrichment for the language of painting. The mood she reveals in her paintings is basically the kind of dream-like effect that is not seen in some pictures in reality. So overall I feel that she has been making unremitting efforts and unremitting exploration, which is the main impression to me.


Saturday, March 19th, 2022






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Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Lv Peng

Curator, Professor of Beijing Institute of Education

Memory of the portrait-Butterfly language

As a friend of Gulistan for many years, I have often seen her new works in the past two years, and I also express special congratulations to her for this exhibition. Each exhibition of Guli’s works brings me some new surprises. In addition to continuing her romantic and sensual female painters, she also brings us more comparisons between different cultures and this a feeling. For example, I see that in her new works, there are many elements of Renaissance images in her works. At the same time, she combines some naive techniques of such children with the images in the works of Renaissance masters. In her pictures, it gives us a feeling of time travel. At the same time, it is a kind of thinking about time and East and West culture.

Memory of the portrait – Beautiful age I

From an iconographic point of view, the images she uses allow us to associate many, many things. Whether it is classical or modern, some artists and some artistic phenomena in the world can also feel some veins of her works. Indeed, through her work, through her color, her composition, her image, including some intentions that she wants to say to us. Because we know that the picture is just like what Gombrich said, the artist’s idea is the most incomprehensible, and we must restore it to the situation of the artist’s creation at that time to feel her work. In fact, this is also one of the motivations that I have always wanted to explore Guli’s work. We can now see from her works a reflection on time, history, and art, including images and ideas in the entire picture. Of course, this reflection is constantly changing.

So this time I am very happy to see some of her new works, as well as some of her old works. You can feel the growth of a painter and the language art of a painter through these works. So I also hope to see more of Guli’s works in the future.


Saturday, March 19th, 2022








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Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Mary Ma

Famous Fashion Designer

Gulistan has indeed been my old friend for many years. It has been more than ten years. I am very happy to see her art exhibition today, which is presented to everyone in such a form. In fact, after watching all the art exhibitions, I think it instantly reminded me of what Director Zhang Zikang said just now: He said that no matter what kind of breakthroughs and innovations many artists of different styles are in this era, but What he particularly appreciates is that Gulistan has always insisted on using her style, her method, and her understanding of art, and has been adhering to her own inner thoughts to create all her works. I think she is like a small stream, and then slowly, very softly, thinly and quietly flowing. But this flow I feel is a very warm, but incomparably powerful force. This may be the one that I remember the most among Curator Zhang Zikang’s comments on Gulistan. Because I think this is also a feeling of mine, because Gulistan herself is very warm and soft, and the most direct effect and direct feeling she presents to others is that she is very soft and has no tension, but her tension is such a kind of soft and quiet power that is hidden in her heart.

Tribute to the classics II

In fact, I feel that as an artist, I believe her artistic life will be longer. Then, the content, thoughts and a kind of power that she continues will be more contagious. So today I am very happy to see so many of Gulistan’s works going to have the opportunity to let everyone feel. I really like the title of today’s exhibition – “Temperature of Time”. I believe that temperature may be a very, very important and indispensable state and feeling for each of us as an individual to connect with this world and this society. And what kind of way is there to communicate between time and temperature? What kind of relationship does it have with us? I think in each of Gulistan’s works, you can really see, see her inner world, the kind of beauty she wants to convey, including the way she insists on conveying art, very soft , there is history, there is culture, there is a contact between the soul and soul of this era, and the spark of this thought burst out.


Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Mary Ma 马艳丽






Review article

Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Zhang Zikang

Professor and Doctoral Supervisor of CAFA, Director of CAFA Art Museum

When I saw her works, I thought of a commonality between Chinese culture and Italian culture. This poetic feeling made me return to a traditional Chinese culture and Western medieval culture. Such thinking on a connection to such a culture.

Although I don’t know much about Mr. Antonio’s paintings, I do see in his paintings, a kind of poetic painting with common characteristics in China, as well as the connection with traditional culture. Although there is a big age gap between them, I think they are all painting with heart. I think Gulistan is very quiet and connotative. I think she has such a deep understanding of Chinese culture, and is able to understand a certain Western culture. This kind of sensitivity in language, whether it brings about the reconstruction of her painting, or the establishment of such a style of her creation, I think it can bring people different feelings. Gulistan I think that although she does not follow certain current trends to cater to this era, her heart has always been able to form the connection between her artist and the audience in this era.

So when we see her paintings, I think the biggest difference is that you can quietly experience the different feelings brought to you during the time of this painting. There is another one that I think has a relationship with Gulistan, because I stayed in Xinjiang for three years, I feel that there is a kind of closeness, which may be based on the communication of her art. Special thanks to Gulistan for the wonderful works brought to us, and thanks to the two artists for such a common presentation and thinking for us.


Saturday, March 19th, 2022







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Saturday, March 19th, 2022

Yan Ping

Professor and Master Supervisor of Renmin University of China

Like Gulistan, I am an artist, a person who paints. So many years and Gulistan have maintained a parallel space until today we have been painting, so I have a relatively deep understanding of Gulistan, I think she is a rare calm and deep in women. One of the female professors who attracted me with a kind of lonely beauty. Her paintings also have such characteristics. I think the temperature of time is the temperature of such a state between time and space.

I took a closer look at Gulistan’s painting today, and I painted it like a swipe, like I’m going to die. And Gulistan is indeed like what this guy just said, there are more very small, but very distant such an imagination.

Memory of the portrait- Blue II

In her paintings, I felt such a fusion of ancient and modern and Chinese and Western. During such a process, I thought of Italy, the paintings of the Middle Ages, the paintings of the Tang Dynasty, and the current state of Gulistan. , she has the state of a young person, Gulistan’s paintings, I want to praise her a lot, but one of her biggest impressions on me is that her ideas are relatively creative, and she has that kind of whimsy. There are also new breakthroughs in composition, especially her works that seem to be fragile from a woman’s vision, but are actually very permanent, not lacking, and always interested.

Every time I look at it, I always feel that there is a change, and I always feel that I have a very controlled temperature and a voice like that, so I think Gulistan is a very good artist.


Saturday, March 19th, 2022