Review article

Liu Yuguang

Architect, “Re Corbusier” Event initiator

Memory of the portrait – Tribute to the classics

There is a sense of distance in viewing Gulistan’s paintings. This distance is reflected in time. The classical and romantic expressions of the characters in the paintings show a kind of alienation from the restless mentality of the contemporary people. This distance is manifested in space, a continental civilization that is far from the Pacific and Atlantic. This distance is reflected in the palette, where bright yellow and blue collide directly… Looking at these paintings makes me curious, I feel that the artist is in the picture, whether it is a figure, a flower, or a chair, it is the artist herself, she is waiting quietly in the sun. It is this sense of distance that produces a unique sense of beauty, In the quiet and restrained appearance, beating with the vitality of life.

As an architect, judging from my professional instinct, this distance can be measured. With this clear dimension of time and space, the audience enters into Gulistan’s paintings according to their own feelings and understandings, explores, confirms, and completes those blank images, which seem to be faded memories.

Gulistan’s paintings can present her own rich inner world, giving people a sense of depth and tranquility. Her cross-cultural, cross-regional, and cross-artistic vision can always inject the warmth of sunshine into people’s hearts and make people perceive the beauty of life.

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