A dialogue that transcends time and space, friendships from the past—Read Gulistan’s paintings

Wu Bo

Film and television producer

Memory of the portrait-A piece of golden

As a film and television producer, I have participated in many art exhibitions, and I often draw lessons from painting to create, but I have to say, Gulistan’s paintings give me a unique feeling – she paints like herself, giving people a pure and elegant, gentle and jade-like feeling, as well as a mysterious and profound sense of time and space.

The art of painting, like the art of film, reflects the artist’s observation and expression: Gulistan’s works mainly focus on “time, space, memory” as the theme: Time and space are the basis of life and material existence, memory is the basis for the continuation and development of human thinking and civilization.

One of the charms of art is that you read it and examine yourself. We appreciate works of art, and the greatest benefits are nothing more than two points: One is to bring pure aesthetic enjoyment, and the other is to trigger some kind of imagination and thinking. Gulistan’s work is unique in that her work seems to have a mind-opening magic, it can always give us a kind of philosophical, life self-examination-style imagination and thinking, even the ultimate thinking; it is like a dialogue beyond time and space, and it is like a past friendship remembered by time; In other words, everyone who yearns for spiritual freedom, longs to explore and think about the essentials of life, but has experienced the vicissitudes of life, can find the common frequency of heart and spirit in her works.

Looking at her paintings, it seems to open the door of time and space memory at once, you can see the imprint of the sky and the years, and sometimes you seem to see yourself, her paintings are the textures and colors branded on the canvas after time, space and memory have accumulated over the years, let us see more than just a simple painting, it also contains a kind of thinking about the past, present, future, as well as the meaning of life and existence. It is a picture scroll of thought wearing a flower dress of time and dancing under the rhythm of music; However, her work is just the right way to open and share this kind of thinking, but it never gives people a sense of oppression that is subjectively and spiritually instilled – This is a shackle that is difficult for an artist to escape – And this is precisely what makes Gulistan’s works brilliant and invaluable. And all of this, if the artist does not have a sense of reverence for life and all things, and a devotion to the pure beauty of the spirit, it is impossible to do it.

Maybe, we can temporarily forget about time, or occasionally not think about the meaning of existence, but it is hard to forget the Naples yellow and the light and heavy metaphorical line strokes and unique composition in Gulistan’s paintings, as well as the splendor and splendor contained in the image, under the interlacing of time and space and memory!

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