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Gulistan 2012 in Taipei

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Gulistan 2012 in Taipei

Gulistan 古丽斯坦2012 in Taipei-Art Revolution Taipei 2012

Art Revolution Taipei 2012

Gulistan 2012 solo exhibition in National Taiwan Normal University -国立台湾师范大学

Gulistan 2012 solo exhibition in National Taiwan Normal University -国立台湾师范大学

 Gulistan 2012 solo exhibition in National Taiwan Normal University


记忆中的肖像 The memory of the portrait

Gulistan古丽斯坦的创作灵感不仅仅来自东方文化,它也来自许多其他文明 …以通向灵性、自由、创造性的纯正艺术,她作品中那种纯粹和优雅风格,是远处的一盏明灯…… Gulistan古丽斯坦创造出了一种既属于自己这个时代又“属于所有时代”的艺术作品。






Gulistan and her art

The paintings of Gulistan are unbounded by conventional painting techniques. Nor are they limited by popular themes or the codification of visual symbolism. She seem to travel unrestrained in a liberated realm. Her paintings, bearing her unique understanding of life, appear evanescent in the ashes of memory. They are the representation of the image of her mind.

Gulistan merges herself into her paiting, her thoughts swirling in the current of passing time, depositing into the subtle variations of texture and color.Thes transformations eventually gather as a space of thoughts. In this boundless space she gathers the fragments of memory,erasing the dust on them accumulated in time.She harkens to their silent utterances,and responds the them from the depth of her mind.Thus she collects in her paitings the emblems of memory made from time–frail yet steady, sensitive and meaningful, real and wonderous. Gulistan’s paiting dwell there quietly, as if endowed with life, as if waiting to be discovered….

Date&time:March 24~29,2012

Venue:National Taiwan Normal University

162,Heping East Road Section 1, Taipei, Taiwan







Gulistan's Art studio


Gulistan 2012 solo exhibition in National Taiwan Normal University-国立台湾师范大学5