A Journey of Memory

Yang Tiansun

Graceful and gentle, a girl of water with a faint smile, such is the impression that people have of Gulistan’s appearance. However, one can find tenacity and persistence in her eyes. Contradicting beauties harmoniously exist in her while opposing talents are appeased with her elegance. She is full of passion towards life and art, which is revealed in the artist’s elegance of bearing. Such passion even overshadows her figure. The vagueness with profound depth in her paintings can also be found in Gulistan. She possesses a mysterious air. All are transparent when draws close to her and removes the gauze over her soul. Still the enigma is always there. Gulistan is a noble fairy, dancing and walking through her memory and time.

It is stunning how Gulistan imagines space time, makes aftertastes of her dreams and pursues freedom for her mind. Paintings, music, dance and words are the purest expression for her thought. She devotes all her passion in her career. Every observation, quest, struggle and pursuit are all made with fierce emotion. Gulistan’s waving emotion is like a drop of holy moonlight, snow white and motionless, running through the darkness, pouring down and finally reaching the soul silently. Gulistan reveals her deep feeling through painting. As simple as the lines, a profound artistic conception is sketched. As light as the elegant colors, lost thought gains strength. Behind the emotionless expression hides the longing to embrace all that she loves and yearns for. We are unconsciously gripped, attracted and infected by her ravishing paintings. The carefully guarded inner world starts to open until all the old memories are recalled. Familiar figures, past episodes, feelings, all rush out without suppression. With appearances, voices and whispers recalled and strength, essence and soul awakened, we are intoxicated in the boundless temporal space. When the light spirit is ushered to the crossing point of recalling and longing, one feels warm and moved. Such is the passion, pleasure and wisdom that Gulistan brings to us. A magic is pervasive in the misty air, softly floating.

Appreciating Gulistan’s paintings and words is like a meaningful journey in which we move back to the past, re-experiencing the vicissitudes of life, traversing the earthly reality—a spiritual journey to clear away the dirt and lead us to light.

2006 in Shanghai

—Translated by Guo Jian

照片 2266

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