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Gulistan’s Art Notes

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

Gulistan’s Art Notes

I have a lot of notebooks that have become one of the most essential parts in my creations. They keep track of any inspiration that has unexpectedly encountered me. The track of my thoughts and the journey of my mind are quietly kept inside these notebooks without amazing sights and sounds. I have been searching for the meanings behind the “plot” during the time when some plain sentences are written down. I have been looking for enlightenment of some “essence” closely related to my life. On every sunny day, it is such great delight to create and display its face and intrinsic nature. I try to use all my passion and reason to seize its art. The spring of art has irrigated my soul. I use the eye of my soul to gaze upon art so that its power can grow inside me and guide me thorough the journey. When my painting seeks the hints that are sparkling in my memory, the quality of art gradually comes out with spirituality. I have been used to relish the imprints in my life journey since I devoted myself to doing everything I enjoyed doing casually and naturally with fulfillment. The keynotes of my life are also gradually coming out in the process of keeping these notes. These notebooks have captured my memory for everyday life in their own way. Sometimes I couldn’t help wondering about things behind what I write, what I keep, and what I draw. These actions under certain circumstances are capable enough for me to think over and over. My so-called “diary/creation notes” has/have provided me with plenty of room for self-reflection upon words, images, music, and my thoughts.



 When I see the images, some memory comes back to me at once. I like to review these notebooks every some other time or every couple of years. These notebooks full of nature, relaxation, amicability often enable me to be true to myself. Memory puzzles, drafts, subjective and realistic gaze, poems, creative thoughts…



These notebooks quietly keep track of everything, ranging from journals, daily schedule, plans, sketches, observations, reviews, and trivial truth of subjectivity. All of these are integration between art and data that greatly reflect my thinking tracks and mind journey. This is how the keynote forms my own rhythm and then turns into my creations. However, I do not think these notes can serve only as the goal of creation; instead, they are different forms of substance in the process of my creation, which has intrinsically affected me by degrees. The pages and essences on display will guide me in my mind journey. They are history, poems, melody, discourse, and life, as both the process and work itself. I find my art notes varied and casual, but they are filled with liveliness by keeping track of everything around me. Thus, there comes my attitude taking shape in these notes.