Interpret – “Posture-Puppet”




This is one of my favorite paintings. Shadow puppetry, as a very symbolic element, represents the illusory and imaginary part of our life. With the combination of horses, it has the charm of the Oriental Don Quixote’s bravado. The table is a very life scene objects. It is real and has a sense of existence, you can even feels its weight. The combination of the two in the same image produces some interesting chemical reactions, in a one-dimensional space to create a sense of sight in a three-dimensional space, it is real and illusory, and even somewhat ironic and absurd. Just like our daily life, that is, with the trivialities and bits and pieces of real firewood, rice, oil and salt, there are also poems and distant places, as well as the illusory meanings that we subjectively fabricated. Of course, life itself has absurd drama. Gulistan is a poetic observer of life. She always examines her surroundings with romantic personal feelings, which is reflected in her paintings, combining elements that ordinary people don’t notice very much, constructed her unique perspective of observation, which arouses the viewers into deep thinking, and also attracts the viewers to peep into the world in her eyes with curiosity.

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