Review article

Lv Peng

Curator, Professor of Beijing Institute of Education

Memory of the portrait-Butterfly language

As a friend of Gulistan for many years, I have often seen her new works in the past two years, and I also express special congratulations to her for this exhibition. Each exhibition of Guli’s works brings me some new surprises. In addition to continuing her romantic and sensual female painters, she also brings us more comparisons between different cultures and this a feeling. For example, I see that in her new works, there are many elements of Renaissance images in her works. At the same time, she combines some naive techniques of such children with the images in the works of Renaissance masters. In her pictures, it gives us a feeling of time travel. At the same time, it is a kind of thinking about time and East and West culture.

Memory of the portrait – Beautiful age I

From an iconographic point of view, the images she uses allow us to associate many, many things. Whether it is classical or modern, some artists and some artistic phenomena in the world can also feel some veins of her works. Indeed, through her work, through her color, her composition, her image, including some intentions that she wants to say to us. Because we know that the picture is just like what Gombrich said, the artist’s idea is the most incomprehensible, and we must restore it to the situation of the artist’s creation at that time to feel her work. In fact, this is also one of the motivations that I have always wanted to explore Guli’s work. We can now see from her works a reflection on time, history, and art, including images and ideas in the entire picture. Of course, this reflection is constantly changing.

So this time I am very happy to see some of her new works, as well as some of her old works. You can feel the growth of a painter and the language art of a painter through these works. So I also hope to see more of Guli’s works in the future.

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