Review article

Wang Keju

Professor of Renmin University of China

I think Gulistan’s paintings are very similar to her character. That kind of softness, subtlety, and that kind of gentle feeling, but there is a kind of pursuit of the essence of art in her gentleness.

Memory of the portrait -Former glory I

Looking at her paintings, I feel that she is very rich, that is, she is exploring different languages, which actually breaks our normal visual experience. For example, in some places she can draw very general and concise, but in some places she draws very fully, then she forms a kind of visual dislocation, which gives you the feeling of something you have never seen before, a kind of fresh a visual stimulus. So she has been exploring the expressive power of some painting languages. After I came here to see her paintings, I felt quite rewarding, she inspired me a lot. Because she raised a lot of new questions from different perspectives, I think the subjects she expresses are also common subjects, for example, sometimes it is a portrait. In fact, there are many portraits in traditional paintings. But on her side, she gave some new interpretations, which I think is a kind of enrichment for the language of painting. The mood she reveals in her paintings is basically the kind of dream-like effect that is not seen in some pictures in reality. So overall I feel that she has been making unremitting efforts and unremitting exploration, which is the main impression to me.

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