My Book and Upcoming Exhibition

[Gulistan's Artbook, ISBN: 988-98707-1-1]I am happy to announce that my book has been published! It contains many articles about me, my poetry, and of course, my artwork. 160 pages. ISBN: 988-98707-1-1. Copies are available for sale at the National Art Museum Bookstore (Beijing).

The book goes hand in hand with my upcoming solo exhibition. It will begin on Saturday, July 1, 2006 at 4 p.m. and will be held at Spring Hanmo Gallery in Shanghai until July 26.

I hope to see you at the exhibition’s opening in Shanghai. There will be a jazz party that night.

Update: The solo exhibition now begins on July 1st.

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  1. 宋逖 Says:






  2. Tyson (Yang Tianxin) Says:

    Dear Guli stan,
    First of all, I extent my congratulations on the exhibition of your artworks. your artwork is excellent and finest ones you selected. I think they are valuable and tasty in all aspects. Although I am not artist, but it is unique and personality artwork.
    thank you let me share your artworks, experience and happiness. It is my honour to enjoy your artworks at the first time. I wish your artworks exhibition sucess and smothly. Please keep in touch each other!
    Best wishes to you and Darron!

    Tyson (Yang Tianxin)

  3. chris Says:

    congrats on releasing your book. wish i could get my hands on one. im sure your excited about the exhibition as well. hope it goes well. cheers

  4. wes pantoja Says:

    congratulations gulistan on your new book and upcoming exhibition. i treasure nostalgia… longing… desire… and your essence of memory series reminds me of it…

    i discovered you and your work when i was searching for a uyghur restaurant i opened in shanghai recently in century plaza in pudong. it’s also called gulistan…

    i’ll definitely come check your exhibition out and bring some friends.

    look forward to meeting you soon—wes.

  5. Luc Says:

    Hello Guli,
    Unfortunatly my computer has buged some day ago, and I losted all my Email Adress, can you Email me some news from you specialy your exhibition in Shanghai. How was it, did you have succes (I hope yes). Let us exchange some news. I am looking for having news from ShiRuo, can you tell him to write me I am wondering about him.

  6. janet Says:

    Dear Gulistan

    It’s a pity that I misses the ur art exbition while it’s in shanghai.Wish u good luck …

    hormet bilen

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